Acupuncture Clinic contacts

ContactMichael Pringle acupuncture

Please phone 07800 594452  or email  with any questions.

Portugese phone is 925 531 772


I have now moved to Portugal. I am in the process of registering to practice there.

I am living near Gouveia, on the Serra da Estrella.


  • A twenty minute free consultation to discuss acupuncture treatment face to face is always available.
  • 1st appointment 50 euros (between one and a half and two hours, to give time for a full case history and discussion of the diagnosis and treatment options and the first treatment if applicable.)
  • Subsequent appointments 30 euros (25 euros for dependent children, this includes children at university)

However, I always aim to make it possible for people to sustainable access treatment.  If you want to come, but would be unable to manage the money, please contact me.

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