Natural Healing

Natural (or Spiritual) Healing is a Spiritual Act

Healing is the most natural thing we do. To consciously engage in healing is to reconnect with the source of our creation. To give healing is to share that connection and affirm our oneness with all of creation.

Healing is so simple that it can seem to defy description. We know that we are alive. We know that something organises and animates this bag of molecules, feelings, thoughts and desires. That is what we call the power of life. Healing is to connect with and to share the power of life itself, in the most natural, loving and non-manipulative way possible.

This non-manipulation is the key to the whole experience. It is the reason why healing is the only true natural experience – the only time we can be together in life. The reason is that the power of life or healing, whatever we want to call it, flows through and animates all of creation. When giving healing, we ask that energy to flow through us, and this is exactly what happens. It can be so strong that, if it is right, things that could be labelled ‘miraculous’ happen naturally.

To understand this non-manipulation further, we need to take a brief excursion to look at what makes us different as humans. As humans we seem to be able to go against nature, to manipulate our surroundings and others; in short we are able to use our free will for destructive as well as creative activities. So back to the non-manipulative nature of healing – the power of life is vast and all encompassing, and as healers we soon discover that the part we could manipulate is a tiny fraction of the infinite whole. If we engage in manipulation while we are asking the power of life to flow through us, the flow will immediately stop. It will stop so fast that either we will not notice and we will carry on manipulating or, if we are more attuned, we will realise that we have got it ‘wrong’ again. We discover that we have disconnected from source in trying to further our separatist dreams. If we want to manipulate, we can only use our own energy and so will soon ‘burn out’. This is the great safety net of true healing – we are not allowed to manipulate creation with creation’s energy, but only with our own.

If we want to stay connected or in the flow, we just need to trust that the healing knows what it is doing better than the ‘little us’ ever will. I am not saying there is no place for creativity in healing. The healing is creativity, and by letting it work unhindered and without expectation, we can participate in the act of creation. At times within this we may be part of this creativity in the way we talk, act or hold our intention, but this has to come from our being part of the process. If we disconnect and start our own agenda, the healing will stop, instantly: it is the only safe and natural way for creativity to work.

It is simple: we are either connected and creative, or disconnected and on our own. This can be changed around to be a definition of health: if we are connected we will be healing; if we are disconnected we will be ‘diseasing’. As healers, we can share the healing with others as an act of service that helps lessen our own disconnection and lessens the disease in those we work with. We can all help each other because one person is disconnected in one way, another in another way, so we can share the connection and have these areas of connection overlap and grow, or we can struggle with our own disconnection on our own. Therefore healing is a true way for us all to move towards connection and health.

Earlier I said ‘if it is right,’ making it sound like a limitation on the healing. There is no limitation, but what can or should change at any moment is far bigger than we can know, in our present state of awareness; so for the moment we trust in a creative way, thus bringing health and love to the world we live in. Through the act of connection in service to another we can truly transcend ourselves. That is healing, as is everything we do from the place of connection that is in our heart.