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Clinical Quick referenceAcupuncture Clinical Quick Reference

I produce a very useful Acupuncture Quick Reference, for easy use in the clinic.  It is available in two parts. Quick Reference 1 covers: substances, causes of disease, functions of the zangfu, differentiation of syndromes including combined syndromes, tongue diagnosis and pulses qualities.Quick Reference 2  covers: 6 stages, 3 jiao, 4 levels, functions of the main points, including extra points, Extraordinary Vessels, Questioning the system; Differentiation of disease – lower back pain, Bi syndrome, Mental disease, gynæcology, Epilepsy, wei syndrome, skin disease, asthma, post-viral syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, wind-stroke and hypertension; and other useful references including ghost points and heavenly star points

They are 177 x 216mm printed on good quality paper for durability in the clinic. Quick Reference 1 is 8 pages and cost £8, Quick Reference 2 is 16 pages and costs £12 or £18 for both plus p&p.

TCM Quick Reference Charts

You can buy via PayPal or it is available from me Michael Pringle, Chapel Steps, Coleridge Lane, Chillington, Kingsbridge please send a cheque with your address. Bulk discounts available.


Some thoughts on Fire Cupping

A few years ago I wrote an article on Fire Cupping to try and encourage its use in practice. This was published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine.  A reprint of the article is available from the Journal.

I am at present working on a Chinese Herb Quick Reference and a clinic reference for the Shang Hang Za Bing Lun.